Heritage Construction & Materials (HCM) is a client-focused,innovative provider of high-quality construction materials and services.

For more than 50 years, Heritage Construction & Materials has offered a wide range of products and services from its family of companies. Each company provides expertise in asphalt products, aggregate supply, and construction services. Also, each company benefits from research capabilities of the Heritage Research Group, making HCM an industry leading innovator.

The integration of asphalt, aggregate and construction industries enables Heritage Construction & Materials to provide clients with the best solutions to address their needs at competitive prices.

HCM aggregate companies have continued to increase their ability to manufacture and supply limestone, dolomite, slag, sand and gravel for hot-mix asphalt plants, ready-mix plants, home builders and general contractors. Aggregates are a major component in the completion of most construction projects. Each company adheres to strict quality control standards and closely monitors how aggregate is manufactured, sized and stockpiled. Their quality assurance means clients are guaranteed consistent products. Also, each company works diligently to ensure clients and contractors receive products of the highest quality, delivered on time. The aggregate materials companies have long-term aggregate reserves to ensure clients a consistent supply will be available in the future.

HCM asphalt companies provide quality asphalt products to assist federal, state, local and private authorities in building economical and reliable pavements. Through experience and research, they have found that asphalt pavement performance is dependent on selection of product grade, mix design and proper application technique. Each company recognizes the value of a knowledgeable sales staff to assist clients in the technical aspects of constructing and maintaining asphalt pavements. Through consistent research and the strong relationship between other Heritage-related industries, they continue to introduce new technology to ensure the highest quality asphalt products.

HCM construction companies are specialists in all types of infrastructure construction including hot-mix asphalt production, concrete paving, excavation, aggregate base, structural concrete, bridge construction, utility installation and industrial maintenance. Each company coordinates projects from start to finish by providing value-added services such as design/build projects, construction management, complete site development, warranty projects and innovative contracting methods. They also have professional staffing, equipment resources, experience and expertise to perform all phases of a project — both big and small — in a safe and efficient manner.

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