Heritage Crystal Clean is the second largest provider of parts cleaning services in the U.S. and a leading provider of containerized waste services focused on small to mid-sized customers. HCCI's services allow customers to outsource their management of regulated wastes, enabling them to focus on their core businesses and helping them remain in compliance with complex regulations. HCCI currently operates out of 67 branches serving more than 44,000 customers. In addition to parts cleaning, containerized waste and vacuum truck services, HCCI is accelerating the number of branches offering used oil collection. HCCI is building a used oil re-refinery with the capacity to recycle approximately 50 million gallons of used oil feedstock and produce about 30 million gallons of lubricating base oil per year. The re-refinery provides HCCI with both economic and environmental competitive advantages. Rerefining is considered the "best and highest use" of used oil because it conserves and reuses a valuable resource, reduces pollution and is energy efficient. In addition to re-refining, HCCI's continuing growth strategy includes geographic expansion as well as the introduction of new service offerings. Heritage Crystal Clean, Inc. is publicly-traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker symbol HCCI.

Heritage Environmental Services is one of the country's premier privately held comprehensive environmental services firms, with more than 40 years experience. Heritage's owned and operated facilities, logistics network and customized programs allow them to service over 10,000 customer sites throughout the United States. Heritage's services include waste treatment, incineration and disposal, a nationwide network for transportation, onsite services, industrial maintenance, lab pack services, laboratory testing, by-product management, dedicated research and development, product recovery and product manufacturing.

From comprehensive services to industry-changing R&D solutions, Heritage is dedicated to finding innovative reuse and recycling options, developing better standards and creating new technologies that will benefit the environmental management needs of its customers. Sustainability is important to any company, and Heritage’s goal is to be a trusted partner by providing a single source for the resolution of environmental challenges.

Heritage Interactive Services is just one of the companies created by Heritage Environmental Services in its long history of looking to the future, creating new solutions, innovative approaches, better technologies, and services that promote enduring customer relationships.

Since 2000, Heritage Interactive Services has been improving upon the concept that waste materials are not worthless. We believe used, but not used up, materials of all types should be recognized as by-products having some basic value. We work to reduce, repurpose, reuse or recycle materials before disposal is considered. Heritage Interactive Services has evolved from being a waste disposal manager for our customers, to becoming their "By-Product Solution Partner."

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